3 Ways To Improve Relationships In The Workplace

2 October 2017
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If you are in human resources in your workplace, it is important to foster positive relationships in the workplace and not get mitigate disasters in the workplace. You can reduce negative interactions in the workplace by building up positive relationships in the workplace.

#1 Host Meal Events

One way to bring people together is by hosting meals together in the workplace. At least once a week, your workplace should provide lunch for the employees. This is a great way to bring everyone together. Although potlucks can be nice, they put pressure on your employees to make food and to cater to the food needs of the other employees, which is why workplace sponsored lunches are a better alternative. Workplace sponsored lunches are a great choice as well because they promote workplace bonding without impeding on employee's personal time.

#2 Set Up Mentorships

Another way to bring employees together is by setting up mentorships in the workplace. Match lower-level employees with higher-level employees in your workplace. Require a couple of mentoring meetings each month, and provide a framework for the mentorship meetings as well. Mentorships are a great way to foster relationships among employees who may not normally interact that much with each other and can bring your office closer together by connecting individuals from different departments and levels of your company together.

#3 Assess Your Employees

Finally, have the employees in your workplace take an assessment. Have them take an assessment that measures their personality. These assessments can help you and your employees gain insight into personal work habits. These assessments can help management better pair assignments to employees. These assessments can also help management better figure out how to work with different employees. With so many personalities in the workplace, it can be difficult as a manager to lead your employees. Personality assessments can help your managers know how to work more effectively with employees and can help more work get done in your office.

Personality assignments can also provide your employees with insight into themselves. They can learn more about what motivates them to work and what holds them back with work. They can use this information to become more productive workers and better contributors to the company.

Instead of mitigating conflicts, use your roll as human resources to build positive relationships among your employees. Host employee sponsored lunches, set up mentorship relationships and use personality assessments to help employees grow. Contact a company like MDR Coaching & Consulting, INC. for more information and assistance.